How often do we get to watch a wedding video for the second time? What about the wedding photos? If we are talking about the typical and traditional wedding video I am sure that the photographs are winning this competition.

I have to confess that I am one of the few videographers who do not have a video of their wedding.
In that time, I was strictly devoted to journalism and although I had many acquaintances in television, I remember that right from the beginning we did not want to record on video our wedding. The reason was quite simple, because we didn’t expect a quality product, as it can be offered nowadays.

We knew that the wedding video was going to be very long and boring, for 3 – 4 hours, and we would be “punished” to play it again and again for all our future guests.
So, we knew the bad experience of other friends who got married and we decided to abandon the idea of recording video at our wedding.

The wedding video is less valued than the photos

Today we are still used to the idea that the wedding video cannot surprise us and it is expected to be the surveillance camera type, long, linear and with no creativity. We watch the DVD after the wedding and than it gets lost somewhere in our library!

However, the wedding day is full of excitement for the couple, but all those surprises and the joy are not transmitted through the traditional wedding video. That’s why we needed the wedding cinematography, which is actually real filmmaking dedicated to the wedding event.

In many cases, the bride and the groom who do not know about the new wedding cinematography tend to think that the video is some necessary bad medicine, as a kind of poor support for the artistic wedding photography.

Who wants to see the reality in a wedding video?

Still, I think that video is the best way to preserve the memory of a wedding. Of course, the pictures can not compete with the video in the wedding journalism technique, but they are still more compelling and atractive because they are telling a story from a different perspective. And the wedding video used to be until now like a reality tv show with no storytelling. In the end, who needs the reality? Everyone wants to be surprised in the movie and the reality is what you feel on a certain moment. That’s the big mission for wedding videographers and photographers.

The bride and groom appreciate the good wedding photographs precisely because they do not only reflect reality, but they are also able to capture the emotion of the moment.
The wedding photos are often spectacular and taken from unusual angles so that we are inspired to watch them again and again, because they are not showing the obvious, a fact that does not happen with the traditional wedding video shooting.

Is it fair to compare the photos with the wedding video?

However, we must assume a fact that is often forgotten: shooting an inspiring wedding video often costs more than a good photograph. And sometimes, the wedding video has a much stronger effect over the audience because it combines the reality and the artistic view.

Normally, having to tell a story through a video involves the use of many resources, like those used in the real movie productions.

But if we want to capture a real film at a wedding we have to assume that the production of the video can be achieved only with several professional cameras, with special lights, sound recorders and professional wedding video editing, all managed by an experienced team.

The work continues after the shooting. The video editing in post production is a very long and complex process, for a few months, but the final satisfaction of having a real movie can be as exciting as the wedding day.
The wedding movie, with a trailer, concentrates the essential moments of the day, accompanied by appropriate music and through a cinematic editing script.

Cinematographic wedding – the secret formula of videographers

In the end, the wedding video should not be longer than about 20 to 30 minutes if it seeks to maintain the attention. It seems short for a full day, but when the love story is captured in a creative movie, the wedding video can provoke emotions even for those who do not know the couple.

I think the wedding video can be saved as a storytelling tool, after being for years in the shadow of the wedding photography.

Thanks to the new technology we can offer to the couples a luxury product at affordable prices, which finally meets their expectations.

As videographers, now we have a great opportunity to capture a real life story in a movie and the new wedding cinematography is the best tool today for those professionals who always wanted to tell a love story.

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